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Stetind guiding season starting

I am in chamonix about to do the last Mont Blanc before going back home to the great north! We start our guiding season on Stetind next week!

I cant wait!

If you are interested register your interest either here or on info@narvikguides.no. Or contact me on tel +47-45254104. We have a couple of groups ready to go next week and will be giving notice to anyone who has registered interest on when we go. And remember – we only use fully certified IFMGA/UIAGM Guides. We will rather say: No – sorry, we can not find a fully qualified guide and hope that we can help another time.

For more info click the “Stetind” above.

Here is a move from a client last year for inspiration (oh! and do remember that gopro makes it all look a bit more scary). Thank you Rune Dahl for the movie!


Hope to see you in the mountains,



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Please fill in timeperiod you are interested in and a mobile number so we can send you sms. We will keep you posted on any tours!