Ski Touring

We love skitouring!

The enjoyment of being in Nature and working your body, get some beautiful moments and then having the ride of your life on the way down! That’s how we like to spend our days and encourage you to do the same.

Ski touring in Northern Norway is the most beautiful and varied ski touring you can find! There are several areas that are well known even to the larger world of ski tourers. The most famous areas are probalably Lyngen and Lofoten. We love skiing there and would encourage anyone to go there. We have of course been guiding in and are very familiar with these areas. We do trips to both Lyngen and Lofoten. We know great places to stay and have some good local secrets upp our sleve. We are always open to the conditions and the weather and willing to creativly change plans in order to give you the best experience.

What we like the most however is the skiing in the Ofoten area. From here we can reach different weather systems, ski higher inland peaks or go further out on ski straight into the see. We can also use the Narvik ski lift if we want to get some more downhill while still using our skins to “open up” the mountian. There are hundreds of beautiful mountains to chose from as daytours in this area! We like to stay at Trollviken lodge because of its strategic position on the North side of the Ofoten fjord.

Welcome to Trollviken Lodge by the Ofotfjord in Norway. This is a wonderful place if you are looking to experience genuine mountain culture on an old fish farm in the middle of Scandinavia’s best Ski Touring area. We enjoy good food, sleep well and discover new summits every day. In the evening we take a Sauna and a swim in the fjord before dinner. Then we sleep comfortably at the lodge to the smooth rhythm of the waves. On the other side of the fjord we can see the lights from Narvik reflecting in the water.

Heli Skiing, Off Piste in Narvik, Ski Touring in Pristine Mountain Terrain and by the Norwegian Fjords
Six days of skiing with a mountain guide who will share knowledge about avalanches, safety equipment, snow and navigation, etc. We are based in Trollviken Lodge during the week. For one day we will explore, what the Narviklift has to offer; classic offpist terrain with 900m verticals and the fjord as a backdrop!

Ski Touring with a guide that will find the best option for the day based on conditions and weather. If you have a special summit that you are intrested in doing but would like some guidance we are there to fullfill your dreams. We are happy to help with accomadation and transport – just give us a call! 004745254104.