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Evening avalanche course

Time: 3 Hours (ca.)
Normal price: 350 NOK
Owner of yearpass on Narvikfjellet: 300 NOK


A basic eveningcourse lasting 3 hours i avalanche theory with usage of sender / receiver. Ca. 1,5 hours of theory and 1,5 hours of practice. You learn about different kinds of avalanches, why they occur and what you can to do avoid dangerous circumstances. We also go through how you should react if you have to face a dangerous scenario.

It begins with a brief summary of different avalanches. How they occur and what factors increase the dangers. We discuss how to correctly judge avalanche risks (the chances of an avalanche occuring), and what to do when an avalanche strikes.

You get a walkthrough of the gear and a professional evaluation of of which gear is absolutely needed.

Afterwards we take a step outside for some sender / receiver practice. Everyone gets an opportunity to search for a receiver.

If you have your own receiver we appreciate if you bring it with you. Bring also a warm jacket and headwear to keep warm under the duration of the course.

The course always starts at 18.00
11th and 16th of December 2014

The course will be in Norweigan/Swedish