Specialist in Stetind guiding in summer. We guide Stetind regularly and hold climbing courses in Tysfjord and on Lofoten.

Narvik Mountain Guides are specialist in Ski touring in Northern Scandinavia in winter. We are based in Herjangen just north of Narvik in Ofoten, Nordland, Norway.

From here we are close to our favorite Ski lift in Scandinavia – Narviksfjellet. Here we work with Off-piste guiding from the ski lift.

We have a long experience of the area around Narvik and consider this the best ski touring terrain in Scandinavia.

We also guide and do week trips to Kebenkaise and Sarek areas in Sweden. We do Ski and sail trips all along the Northern coast. We know the best boats and runs. We do week trips to Lyngen.

Our daily work however, is ski touring in the Ofoten, Narvik, Lavangen, Harstad, Gratangen area. Here we have the the most mountainus island in Norway – Andrörja, inland- and see climate for choice of wheather and easy access to hundreds of daytours.

We are internationally certified Mountain Guides. This is the highest and most demanding certification in the professional Mountain world. If you are interested in the education i Norway, take a look at the Nordtind website. Read my Norwegian blog about some thoughts on guiding in Norway.

Narvik Mountain Guides is run by Magnus Strand. Magnus is an internationally certified Mountain Guide.

He has climbed and skied all his life but switched into becoming a professional mountain guide as late as 2007. He has been working as a guide from 2009 and was fully qualified IFMGA guide in 2012. He lives in the area and has been skiing in the north for over two decades. He is kind and wants to share his love for these mountains and his knowledge to increase your skills. Magnus guides all over the world but prefers to be home in Trollviken! He also works for the Norwegian avalanche forecasting service and is responsible for observations in the Harstad area. Magnus used to be an executive in Investment banking but he is better now!  He has a degree in Business Admin and Economics from Stockholm University. He prefers to be outdoors all the time and thinks the world needs to change to a more localised/fair place.

Certified guide




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IFMGA Mountain Guide Magnus Strand