New partnership with Klättermusen!


I am so proud to say that I am now working with Klättermusen.

Their gear and philosophy have always impressed me. Already 25 years ago I had my first contact with them but now it has come full circle again.

They have the most uncompromising approach to sustainability and have had long before it ever became mainstream. They have always been the small company with the higher moral and environmental demands. They have always been innovative and leading in new technical designs. On top of that they have unrivaled quality.

Sounds like a lot but that’s the way it is! They are and will remain the little piece of gravel in the shoes of the big mainstream outdoor brands. With higher standards and smart solution’s. They will remain small and niche and just as they have always been…..They may not be the best on the web, business, cheap or be so easy to find – but the product and philosophy is what matters.

I look forward to working in their gear and to help in any way I can!

More pictures from their products in my daily life will come. Now I will get on my way to Japan in my new Klättermusen outfit! That will be great in the cold weather in Japan.

If you are thinking about buying some new outdoor clothing – first check if your old stuff is not good enough, second check out Klättermusen.